Notify ASAP is one of the best value-priced offerings in the industry! We have purposedly positioned our service to be a value leader. Don’t be fooled by our competitors who have hundreds of pages on their web site and dozens of technical papers. They are trying to make emergency notification services look difficult for one reason, to justify their high prices!

With NotifyASAP, for one very low monthly investment, you get it all!

Notify ASAP Service Prices

Premium Accounts – Includes our Premium Emergency Notification “99000” Short Code…

* Up to 25 recipients – Only $39.95 per month
* Up to 100 recipients – Only $59.95 per month
** Up to 250 recipients – Only $79.95 per month
** Up to 500 recipients – Only $149.95 per month
** Up to 1000 recipients – Only $249.95 per month
** Up to 2500 recipients – Only $394.95 per month
** Up to 5000 recipients – Only $499.95 per month
More recipients – Please contact us for a quote.

Note:  * SMS, Email, Instant Messaging, and Social Media alerts.
Note:  ** SMS & MMS, Email, Instant Messaging, and Social Media alerts.

Our system is very easy – Users can sign up directly by texting a keyword to a special short code.  For instance – if you sign up and create your special keyword as “911EMS”, all that users would do it text this keyword to 99000 and they are enrolled in alerts!

CLICK HERE to sign up now for a FREE TRIAL of our award winning service!

These low prices include…

Secure Management Portal – Log in from anywhere in the world, manage users and send messages and alerts!

Event Management Console – View all events from one central account dashboard.

User Management features where admin can manage users or users can self-manage their accounts.

Promote users to be Account Administrators or Group Administrators.

We have two platforms – Please contact a sales representitive to discuss which would be better for you.  One is centered around a users email address to manage their account and the other platform is centered around the users cell phone number for account management.

Prices are subject to change, service terms and conditions. Prices are also subject to prior sale and contract terms. Prices are based on 3 year, full term contract term/agreement. All quoted accounts have a set up fee equal to the amount of one month of service. Please ask about our Educational and Not for Profit discounts that we offer.