Below is a list of networks that we are “ON-NET” with.  Basically, we can transport urgent messages to every phone carrier.  We just list them here for informational purposes.  Sometimes International clients like to cross-reference carriers and make sure messaging providers already have them in their databases.


– Our carrier list includes –


3 River Wireless GrayLink / Porta-Phone Pondicherry BPL Mobile
7-11 Speakout (GSM USA) GTE Powertel
ACS Wireless Gujarat Celforce President’s Choice (Canada)
Advantage Communications Helio Price Communications
Alaska Communications Systems Houston Cellular Primeco
Airtouch Pagers Idea Cellular Primtel (Russia)
AlphNow IPIPI.COM ProPage
Alltel & Alltel PCS Infopage Systems Public Service Cellular
Ameritech Paging Inland Cellular Telephone Qualcomm
American Messaging (SBC/Ameritech) The Indiana Paging Co Qwest
Ameritech Clearpath JSM Tele-Page RAM Page
Andhra Pradesh Airtel Kerala Escotel Rogers AT&T Wireless
Arch Pagers (PageNet) Kolkata Airtel Rogers (Canada)
AT&T Free2Go Kyivstar (Latvia) Safaricom
AT&T PCS Lauttamus Communication Satelindo GSM
AT&T Pocketnet PCS LMT (Latvia) Satellink
Beepwear Maharashtra BPL Mobile SBC Ameritech Paging
BeeLine GSM Maharashtra Idea Cellular SCS-900 (Russia)
Bell Atlantic Manitoba Telecom Systems SFR (France)
Bell & Bell Mobility (Canada) MCI Skytel Pagers
Bell South (Blackberry) Meteor (Ireland) Simple Freedom
Bell South Metrocall Smart Telecom (Philippines)
Bell South (Chile) Metro PCS Southern LINC
Blue Sky Frog Microcell (Canada) Southwestern Bell
Bluegrass Cellular Midwest Wireless Sprint
Boost Mobile MiWorld (Singapore) Sprint PCS
BPL Mobile Mobilecom PA ST Paging
Carolina West Wireless Mobilecomm SunCom
Carolina Mobile Communications Mobileone (Singapore) Sunrise Mobile (Switzerland)
Cellular One East Coast Mobilfone SurewestCommunicaitons
Cellular One South West Mobility (Bermuda) Swisscom (Switzerland)
Cellular One PCS Mobistar (Belgium) T-Mobile
Cellular One Mobitel (Tanzania) T-Mobile (Austria)
Cellular One West Mobtel Srbija (Yugoslavia) T-Mobile (Germany)
Cellular South Morris Wireless T-Mobile (UK)
Centennial Wireless Motient Tamil Nadu BPL Mobile
Central Vermont Communications Movicom (Argentina) Tele2 (Latvia)
CenturyTel Movistar (Columbia) Telefonica Movistar
Chennai RPG Cellular Movistar Telenor (Norway)
Chennai Skycell / Airtel Mumbai BPL Mobile Teletouch
Cincinnati Bell Wireless Mumbai Orange Telia (Denmark)
Cingular NBTel Telus Mobility (Canada)
Cingular Wireless Netcom Tigo (Formerly Ola) – (Columbia)
Clearnet Nextel TIM
Comcast Nextel (Argentina) Tracfone (prepaid)
Comcel Nextel (Brazil) Triton
Communication Specialists NPI Wireless TSR Wireless
Comviq (Sweden) Ntelos UMC (Ukraine)
Cook Paging O2 Unicel
Corr Wireless Communications O2 (UK) Uraltel (Russia)
Cricket O2 (M-mail) – (UK) US Cellular
CTI (Argentina) Omnipoint US West
Delhi Aritel OnlineBeep Uttar Pradesh Escotel
Delhi Hutch (India) Optus Mobile (Australia) Verizon Pagers
Digi-Page / Page Kansas Orange Verizon & Verizon PCS
Dobson Cellular Systems Orange Mumbai (India) Vessotel (Russia)
Dobson-Alex Wireless / Dobson-Cellular One Orange – NL / Dutchtone (Netherlands) Virgin Mobile (US)
DT T-Mobile (Germany) Oskar (Czech Republic) Virgin Mobile (Canada)
Dutchtone / Orange-NL (Netherlands) P&T (Luxembourg) Vodacom (South Africa)
Edge Wireless Pacific Bell Vodafone (Italy)
EMT (Estonia) PageMart Vodafone (Japan)
Emtel (Mauritius) PageMart Advanced/2way Vodafone (UK)
Escotel PageMart (Canada) VoiceStream (T-Mobile Affiliate)
Fido (Canada) PageNet (Canada) WebLink Wireless
Galaxy Corporation PageOne NorthWest WebLink Wireless
German T-Mobile (Germany) Personal (Argentina) West Central Wireless
Globalstar Personal Communication (Russia) Western Wireless
Goa BPLMobil Pioneer / Enid Cellular Wyndtell
Golden Telecom PlusGSM YCC (Russia)


List current as of 5/20/12.  These are carriers that we have e-mail to SMS gateway connectivity with directly.  If you do not see your carrier listed, please contact us and we will list your carrier of preference.  We add several carriers every week.