Notify ASAP is a proprietary, hosted (SaaS) “Software as a Service” that is developed and owned by Hyper Media.  Located in Columbia, Maryland and founded in 1995, Hyper Media is a stable, well diversified software company serving customers throughout the world.  Our fully redundant core network and backbone connectivity is unsurpassed in its efficiency and performance. located in McLean, VA – “The Center of the Internet” and a natural disaster free zone.  Our network also has:

* Multiple UPS systems & diesel generators1 power backup & redundancy

* 300+ tons of AC power

* Fiber redundancy through multiple private OC-192 SONET rings

* Redundant architecture Gigabit Ethernet-based internal network, using Cisco backbone-grade equipment

* Redundant, geographically dispersed, connectivity to all of the world’s major backbones

* Fully staffed by highly experienced Systems & Network Administrators 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Most organizations, schools and businesses need to have a communications readiness plan in place for emergency situations.  It is expected by employees and tenants, students and parents.  Having such an emergency contact plan in place adds both an element of safety and forward-thinking while also adding value to your organization.

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